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CüBE is the revolutionary conversion kit for your camper – completely modular and flexible. No need for power tools or expertise – the only limit is your imagination.

SüNGLE is 6 CüBE and 4 BRüDGE to form a sleeping area of 80cm and 2,00m or with shorter BRüDGEs of 80cm and 1,80m.


SüNGLE exists in a 40cm and 25cm height version.


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Set made of 6 CüBE und 4 BRüDGE – ideal sleeping area for one person

Access from the top

Removable upper lids allow access without demounting the conversion kit

Storage space

Storage spaces can be individually configured and thus used for large items as well

Heat isolation

You could isolate a building with CüBEs, we prefer a warm and cozy camper

Sleeping area

Our CüBE offer an even surface and are soft – an ideal base for a warm place to sleep


Acoustic insulation

Noise during camping is exhausting – that’s why we thought about using a material that also has a noise reduction effect. With the CüBEs you will literally feel the silence in your camper!

Speed and Flexibility

You don’t need an electric tool for our CüBE sets – with only two allen screws per CüBE they are assembled in no time. Once the CüBEs are complete, you can assemble and disassemble them so quickly that your weekend trip with your car can start in 10 minutes. Spontaneous and flexible? Look no more, you have come to the right place!


The CüBE is completely scratch-resistant – be it doggy claws, ski edges, sandy surfboards or the mountain bike pedal.

You want to carry stuff? With less than 4kg in weight the CüBE still is able to hold 50kg. Think gross vehicle weight – it’s not an issue if you use CüBEs as a conversion.

Clarity at one glance

If you want to see what’s inside a box, it must be either transparent or labeled…until today. Our CüBE have a simple icon system on their lids. So you know at a glance whether you are taking the cooking or the toolbox out of your car – all with a consistent and cool look.


Our product is in some elements much better than wood. However, we didn’t want to use just any material, but looked for a partner who produces the materials from up to 70% recycled PET. We turn short-term waste into a long-term sustainable product. Our wood is FSC certified. Our product also complies with the Ökotex 100 Standard. We pay attention to quality, before, during and after production.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

40 cm, 25 cm

Delivery details

  • Delivery Timeframe: 3-5 business days, depending on Country
  • Delivery: Standard DPD
  • Packaging:  Camp it Simple – Karton
  • Weight:  30,0 kg
  • Delivery material:
  • One outer wall per CüBE
  • per CüBE 2 wooden parts (floor and lid)
  • Per CüBE 1 lid
  • 4 T-Holder
  • 4 H-Connectors
  • 2 U-Connectors
  • 2 allen keys per delivery
  • Manual (digital)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Tech Specs

  • CüBE all you could possibly know :
  • Size: 40x40x40cm or 40x40x25cm
  • Weight: under 4 kg per cube
  • Our CüBEs are safe; according to DIN 4102-1 the CüBEs are classified as B1 “Flame resistant
  • Our thermal insulation by the CüBE is stronger than the EU requirement for the renovation of old buildings in Europe and could be used for the insulation of hot water storage tanks
  • The polyester used is soft and completely scratch-resistant in contrast to wood
  • Health – Low in harmful substances and practically odourless, the outer material of our CüBE complies with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Product Class 1.
  • Weight – Our CüBE weigh less than 4 kg each – ideal for vehicles whose construction and loading could exceed 3.5 GVWwith a wooden construction
  • Our CüBE are completely resistant to mould and vermin
  • 70% of the outer fabric of the CüBE is made of recycled PET / Polyester – the maximum amount recycled today
  • Our CüBE are built without chemical additives and are therefore recycling friendly
  • The wooden part of the CüBE is FSC certified and from sustainable cultivation
  • The recycled leather is used on the handles and sustainably upholstered


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