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BRüDGE is the key connector for the CüBEs. Enabling you to load larger items and to create an ideal sleeping area. You don’t need expertise or power tools to connect them.

BRüDGE is 40/40/4 cm and weighs under 1,5 kg.




Holds everything together
Loading at its best.
Keep it light.
Connect it simple.

Access from the top

Removable upper lids allow access without demounting the conversion kit

Storage space

Storage spaces can be individually configured and thus used for large items as well

Heat isolation

You could use the CüBE to restaurate your house – its isolation is that strong. We prefer using it to make your camper cozy.

Sleeping area

Our CüBE create a large, soft and warm sleeping area


Connector and Loader 

BRüDGE can connect two CüBE with each other. It stabilizes your CüBE set all while enabling you to load skis or other Long items into your Vehicle

Speed and Flexibility 

Not one power tool is necessary to build the CüBE sets or the BRüDGE. 4 screws, that is it. After that it’s only click’n’go.



BRüDGE is made from the same material as our CüBE – one Person can easily stand on it. Perfect to create a larger sleeping area.


We call our material “the better wood” due to its many advantages. Still, we love it green. Thus, we use the maximum possible recycling ratio with old PET bottles and only use FSC certified Wood. Our product also fulfills the  Ökotex 100 Standard.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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