BaseCamp Matterhorn

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BaseCampMatterhorn – our universal trunk storage system applicable for most vehicles

Please be sure to check out the measurements and vehicle for the do-it-yourself conversion kit BaseCamp Matterhorn, do let us know if you own one of the listed vehicles, so we can produce the right kit for you.

Should you have a vehicle with different specs and measures, you’ll have to awaken your inner handyman and adapt the kit to personalize it to your ideal conditions.


Lieferzeit: Up to 21 days

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BaseCamp Kili

Dein flexibler Ausbausatz als treuer Begleiter

Access from above

You can access your stored items by simply removing the lids – no need to disassemble the kit

Storage space

Organize your trunk – Matterhorn makes it easy to make perfect use of your car’s storage space


Our patented CNC-Production makes it possible to plug the wooden parts together and then screw them tight

Sleeping area

The Matterhorn also works as an extended sleepping surface combined with the car seats

Flexibility and

Unser entwickeltes Stecksystem macht den Einbau
schnell und flexibel ein- und ausbaubar 


All camper conversion kits are built in our high-precision CNC factory in Bavaria with sustainable and high quality wood.

You won’t need to adapt your vehicle body parts, so it’s also applicable for leased vehicles.


leave nothing but footprints – a principle which we adhere to in the production of your camper conversion kit – so, we only use sustainable, organic materials, which are FSC certified

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 90 cm
Material Base

Material Eco, Material Premium

Tech Specs

BaseCamp Matterhorn – Universal Do It Yourself Storage System


Material – two types

  • Eco – eco version is made from high-end multiplex birch wood and is like the premium version produced in our high precision CNC factory in Bavaria
  • Premium – premium water repellent and scratch resistant version comes from the same factory with a high quality finishing paint

Current setup for following models

  • VW T5 & T6 Multivan

Other vehicles will required adpatation of the Matterhorn conversion kit.

Matterhorn in 2D

Matterhorn in 3D for e.g. T5&T6

Matterhorn in 3D for vehicles without isolation





BaseCamp Delivery

BaseCamps are BTO (build-to-order) in Bavaria. We ship them using the  EURO-Palette.



Shipping: 21 days:

Shipping type: Bulk via EURO-Palette

Weight: 90kg

We will deliver to you:

  • Do-it-yourself conversion kit BaseCamp Matterhorn
  • Mounting instructions (physical and digital)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty


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