Founder’s Story

Camp it

Our founderEric Söhngen searched and searched and searched, but could not find a solution to his problem: until he met Frank Ackermann and they decided to build simple and affordable do-it-yourself conversion kits for campers. Camp it simple and adventures for everyone. 

I have never been on a camping ground

Dr. Eric Söhngen worked as a physician in a hospital – when he realized the need for Camp it Simple. While he spent days and nights taking care of patients – he had to, somehow, organize his leisure time on the days off.

Regardless, if the trip destination was alpine climbing or a roadtrip through Scandinavia – all he wanted was an easy to use, affordable and flexible camping set. To store all his equipment, to have a place to rest, to eat during rain, and to do all of this somewhere in nature.


When Eric started his research on the market, it was clear that he either had to spend a fortune, wait for over months on end for his conversion or become a conversion expert himself. None of that sounded like his calling and he came to the realization that more people must have this issue, that they were looking for something more simple.

“A kit, with which you can convert an affordable transporter into an adventure campervan – the answer for everyone who wants simply simple.”

— Dr. Eric Söhngen
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