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When will I receive my goods? 

We produce and ship as soon, as we have received payment, thus it takes us up to 21 days to ship (also depending on distance).  

How do I order 

Click the order button in your cart and get going! 

Do you ship globally? 

Technically, yes. Although we are first focussing on countries with no tariff and customs implications (i.e. Europe) – but we can always see, if it’s possible to send our product to you. 


My vehicle has different measures, can you adapt the BaseCamp for me? 

As of now, no. It’s not fiscally feasible for us to adapt sets individually – especially at the given prices

Can I leave the seats in my car?  

Matterhorn and Denali, yes. Kili is slightly more difficult as the floor panels would need to be adapted by you. 

Which conversion kit fits my car? 

Matterhorn for Transporter, Kili for Transporter und Denali for highroof vans. We specifically designed the products to fit certain vehicles – others will need adaptation from your side. 

Can you mount the BaseCamp for me?

Currently, no. Part of the Camp it Simple adventure is to mount the conversion kits yourself. We took special care to make it as easy as possible.