We are the do-it-yourself
converters from Camp it Simple

Who are those guys at Camp it Simple?

We are a manufacturer of do-it-yourself conversion kits in Bavaria, Germany. We focus on high-end precision production of products, which are simple to use for the consumer. The end of 2019 we had a shift in leadership with Maximilian Karmann taking over as CEO from our founder Eric Söhngen. Maximilian decided to exchange “business travel” with “adventure” after 5 years in strategy consulting. Since Max loved the idea and product initiative of Camp it Simple, he joined and is now driving the business on all fronts.

Our high-end production in Bavaria is driven by great product management and continues to deliver the highest quality. In order to be able to keep innovating, we have a motivated team and great advisory team of founders to keep it simple – to camp it simple.

Eric Söhngen

Eric Söhngen - Founder / Product

Max talk

Max Karmann - CEO

Frank Ackermann

Frank Ackermann - Co-Founder/Production


A.-L. Breitbacher - Customer Happiness


Angus - Chief Treat Officer


P. Winkler - Sales/Information

Our manufacturing site specializes in state-of-the-art precision production of all types of material. Only due to the scale of our partner, we are able to deliver quality to our standards and at our prices. That is why we continue to manufacture in Europe.