BaseCamps - Do it Yourself Conversion Kits, but simple

Experience our easy DIY plug-and-play conversion kits.

Our storage master

BaseCamp Matterhorn

Simple system, which lets you organize your trunk and also serves as a bed, if needed. The storage master and resting place, all in one.

Our allrounder

BaseCamp Denali

Our DIY conversion kit Denali fits ideally into smaller panel vans – keeping your everyday vehicle flexible all the while serving as a campervan.

Our big player –
BaseCamp Kili

BaseCamp Kili conversion kit is for your transporter / panel van types  and can be plugged in without woodworking expertise – flexible and pragmatic – convert it, then camp it simple.

Quick Plug and Play system Schraubsystem.

Keep it simple to camp it simple. For our customers we worked hard to provide a product, which fits while only plugging. Providing so much flexibility – while remaining mostly plug and play demanded from us to engineer the product in a precise fashion and only our CNC-precision manufacturing and laser-cut engines enable us to provide you with such a fit at such a price.

Because we want to you camp more and drill less – that’s why our BaseCamps are special.