Camp it Simple.

Your conversion.

Your adventure.

Camper conversion for you

Our vision is to enable everybody to have their own campervan adventure on their own terms. So, we created conversion kits, which are as flexible as possible, all while enabling you to keep a budget

Exactly what our founder Eric thought!

And the team continues the legacy!

Flexible conversion as the key

We found not every situation is the same while on the road – do I want my bike with me or would I rather go surfing?
Our sets are modular, so you just rearrange them as needed.

Simply mount your BaseCamp kit in 30 minutes; better yet, rearrange our new product in less than 5 minutes and create completely new setups – your van, your choice.

Simple Conversion for your Camper Project

We believe you shouldn’t have to be a wood engineer or own a factory that uses laser precision to convert your own vehicle.

No power tools, no expertise required, only your creativity and imagination. That’s our promise  to you with our products.

Sustainable conversions

No nature – no outdoor adventure, no camping. We are very aware of the elements and set out to develop systems in the most sustainable fashion.

Our wood is FSC certified and our further materials are as sustainable as they can get – we think green.

Thus, we will keep on working hard to ensure sustainable value chains, all while keeping up our top quality product.


Our Do-it-Yourself Conversion Kits